Our pricing is pretty Simple

All of the credit card process fee's and out service are passed on to the buyer

So if your tickets cost $25.00, the ticket buyer pays $27.25 and you gets $25.00. That means you get exactly what you charged for the ticket no fee's are passed on to you.

What about credit card processing?

We use Stripe as our payment processor and they charge for processing payments online. All money transacted is between you and Stripe, hence we only facilitate payments and do not touch them. When a ticket sale is made, all money is transferred directly to your Stripe account. The money will then be trnasfer into you bank account on file with Stripe.

What’s Stripe?

We use stripe to process our credit card transactions. With our integration with stripe, funds from your events sales goes directly to your account. That means you get super fast access to your funds. That's great for when you need the money from your ticket sale's to fund your event. Once the money are in your Stripe account it automatically deposited into you account you specify. You can learn more about stripe here